Automatic Stirring Mug: Because We’re Out Of Spoons

We get ourselves in some of the weirdest situations. God forbid we ever forget to make set our coffee machine, yet we frequently forget to wash our utensils, including our spoons. When we’re in a quandary such as this, we resort to doing some pretty unappetizing things, such as stirring our coffee with our pencils and pens. Hey, we need our caffeine juice to be properly stirred!

Have you ever thought it would be cool if we didn’t even need to manually stir your own beverage? The Stir Mug from Gevalia does all of the stirring for you. The mug will gently stir the contents of your mug with just the press of a button, saving you the embarrassment of stirring with a foreign object, or unsightly and painful finger burns after attempting to do so with your digits.

Insulated in stainless steel, the Gevalia Stir Mug will also keep your drink warm for hours. The 12 oz. mug is powered by two AAA batteries (which are included with the shipment.) A transparent snap-on lid prevents any spills which could potentially cause bodily harm or (more importantly) damage to your electronics.

Just because our utensils are dirty doesn’t mean we have to go the day without coffee. Hell, if you like your coffee black you don’t even need a spoon. But for those of us who like our coffee to be light and sweet, automatic stirring is both time-saving and completely practical.

Product Page via LikeCool

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