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Automatic Start Gyroscopic Dumbbell adds another dimension to your workout

gyroscope-dumbbellNow that Christmas is over and you still have a few more days to go before you usher in the brand new year, how about starting to think about your fitness regime for 2014? After all, you have already had your fair share of crazy parties that would surely have added an inch or two to your waist, which means it is time to take a look at your gym membership terms and conditions again to see if there are any other better offers elsewhere. The $79.95 Automatic Start Gyroscopic Dumbbell might be worth looking at, as you might be encouraged to hear that it has been used by astronauts and professional athletes in order to help them tone and strengthen their upper body muscles.

The Automatic Start Gyroscopic Dumbbell works this way – press a button, and it will start to get to work. All you need to do is to hold the tennis ball-sized device and rotate your wrist in order to maintain the rotation of the gyroscope so that as it spins up to 15,500 rpm and provides up to 45 lbs. of torque resistance, the entire gamut of your wrists, biceps, triceps, and deltoids will be strengthened. In a study that was performed by Southern Utah University, it showed the gyroscopic dumbbell to be able to increase one’s maximum handgrip strength by an average of 11%. Not only that, since this exercise is low-impact, it can also increase the range of motion in hands while helping to rehabilitate carpal tunnel and tennis elbow injuries. Just make sure you have two AA batteries on hand always.