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Automatic Star Aligning Telescope is perfect for beginners

star-aligning-telescopeThose who are new to the world of astronomy would definitely find it rather challenging to point out just which particular constellation is which, what with the sheer number of stars that there are in the night sky, especially on a clear night. Well, a telescope would go a long way in helping you check things out in outer space in far greater detail, but you might be wondering just where can you start. After all, if you are equally lost at looking at a far off star in detail, what is the point in doing so? The $349.95 Automatic Star Aligning Telescope does seem to be an ideal choice for beginners, as it automatically aligns itself to any celestial body you select within its vast database.

This makes it different from the other telescopes that would require you to input data such as time, date, or zip code for initial set-up, as this particular model gets all of the work done with its handheld controller. It will make use of an integrated GPS module in order to gather the likes of date, time, and location automatically, before orienting itself relative to the night sky. There is a built-in CCD camera which locates a pair of alignment stars from its database of 100,000 celestial objects. Using the handheld controller, one will be able to select any number of galaxies, nebulae, stars, or planets; a press of the “Go To” button slews the scope to your selection. The 70mm objective lens sports 350mm focal length, and 171/2X to 35X magnification using the two included 20mm and 10mm Kellner eyepieces, and the entire shebang runs on half a dozen AA batteries.

Certainly, if you would like to let the little ones start learning about outer space from young, this might be one of the tools that you would be able to use in order to get them interested.