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Automatic Serving Table Tennis Trainer helps you with your returns


One of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of any table tennis player would be that of their serve – deliver it right, and you would have more or less picked up an ace, or perhaps making it nigh impossible for your opponent to return a difficult ball. Having said that, if you happen to live alone and would like to improve on your service return, perhaps the $49.95 Automatic Serving Table Tennis Trainer might be able to help sharpen and hone your skills.

The Automatic Serving Table Tennis Trainer is akin to a tennis ball machine, although it has been reconfigured and obviously modified in order to cater to the table tennis crowd. Being capable of serving up a steady stream of balls for solo practice so that one can fine tune one’s game, it is perfect for the beginner, since the trainer will only serve balls with an easy-to-hit pace and a consistent trajectory. Not only that, it can also be placed at just about anywhere you like on a standard 9′ x 5′ table tennis top, giving an opportunity for players to develop proper forehand and backhand techniques. This trainer is capable of holding 20 regulation balls that will be served in less than a minute, although picking up the balls afterwards might cause you to sweat more than the actual service returns. Running on a quartet of AA batteries, perhaps getting rechargeable batteries might be a better idea if you are going to make use of the Automatic Serving Table Tennis Trainer in the long run.