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Automatic Pill Dispenser Electronic Medication Reminder sports a new lock, a louder alarm and a flashing light

ivation-pill-reminderSince the world of consumer electronics have become more and more sophisticated, so too, has the automation of devices as well as the ease and convenience of which we do things. Having said that, here is a device that will certainly help you out in your medication consumption, as the $79.99 Automatic Pill Dispenser Electronic Medication Reminder will boast of a new lock, a louder alarm and a flashing light.

After all, no one said that caring for a family member or a loved one is easy, and thankfully, the Ivation Automatic Pill Dispenser, as it is also known, is here to assist you. No longer do you need to go through issues of missed and incorrect medication dosages, as the Ivation Automatic Pill Dispenser will double up as an alert system as well as a pill dispenser. This makes it particularly viable for the elderly and infirm who more often than not are alone, and will need to look after their medication by themselves. In addition, it is battery operated for added mobility, and one can also afford constant proximity to the user and/or caregiver.

It boasts of a lockable lid and precise timed access to medication at the prescribed event, sporting 28 dose compartments with interchangeable discs so that one can dispense alternative treatment protocols of once, twice, three or four times in a day, as each compartment can hold up to a dozen pills, and the quartet of settings will deliver a range of sound tones to cater for different hearing levels.