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Automatic Parked Car Finder lets you save time and headaches

automatic-parked-car-finderIf you have been to any of the malls in Asia, chances are you would realize that these malls are huge. Really, really huge. I am talking about half a mile long, and a few stories high. Hence, there is a need to ensure that there is enough parking space for all of the shoppers, and due to the lack of land, the parking lots, too, will need to be built stacked on one another. Taking the public transport is fine and dandy, but what if you would want to do your weekly grocery shopping? Surely lugging all of that milk and cereal around does not make too much sense, which is why driving there is far more logical – good luck to finding a spot during peak hours though, not to mention remembering where you last parked in the concrete labyrinth.

Why not have something to help you out like the $49.95 Automatic Parked Car Finder? This particular device will be able to mark the location of your car automatically via a free iPhone app, which in turn, does away with the need to remember where you parked. The beacon will be plugged into a car’s power outlet, and whenever the car’s engine is turned off., the device will get to work by marking the car’s location on a map app through Bluetooth. Should you want to head home afterwards, the app will show off your ride’s location on the map so that you need not wander around aimlessly, pressing the key fob and hoping that the car alarm will be within range. This is definitely the big boy’s version of an item locator.