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Automatic opening-and-closing toilet bowl lid

This is another one of those strange Japanese inventions/contraptions. If you’re forever getting moaned at for leaving the toilet seat up (blokes) or down (woman, not that us blokes ever complain) the this Automatic opening-and-closing toilet bowl lid may just help you out.

The auto bog lid (the offical title was too long) detects via a sensor when a would be depositor approaches and opens accordingly. When the operator has done the business and leaves, the lid automatically closes (as if by magic).

What would be cool is if it knew what you wanted to a do, a no.1 or no.2 and raise or lower the seat as well, it would also need to identify between the sexes which I’m sure it could do if it had a built in webcam and facial recognition software. Then it would need to be programmable so you could tell it if you prefered the seat up or down when you need to talk to the big white telephone after a heavy saturday night, which it could detect by the fact you are approaching it on your knees.

I think I should get back to work now 🙂

[monotsukuri found via random Friday afternoon browsing]

11 thoughts on “Automatic opening-and-closing toilet bowl lid”

  1. HOW much are these toilet seats and are they available by MAIL ORDER? I’m serious! I NEED this and FAST! Thanks

  2. please can you tell me where i can purchase one of these from asap. need one for christmas
    many thanks

  3. i want to ask about having a automatic flushing system that for the toilet that clean itself without any bottom to press. i want to have a large stock so i need to have more informations and even if you can give me your brands liciense in egypt

  4. The Considerate Seat (available on Amazon) also does this and is only about $35.00. I’m waiting for something like the Brondell Breeze with the considerate seat function, now that would be perfect!!!!

  5. P.S. The considerate seat does not self open, only self closes, I also found the Harmony seat that also self closed when you flush the toilet….

  6. I am interested in purchasing automatic opening and closing toilet bowl lids for public beach in Florida. email or call at 954-457-1600.

    thank you

  7. I have thought about this product for a while in which way i could get the sit to open and close depending on which sex you are.Guess what i figured it out.Looking for investors once the Patton has been placed.

  8. This would be a good thing for everyone. When you don’t close the lid down on a toilet, mold spores shoot out of the bowl. I know not very many people know if this. A toilet is the dirtiest thing in your house. Besides, it looks so ugly with a toilet lid up. It’s disgusting.

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