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The Automatic Jar Opener is the strong arm of jar opening justice

Automatic Can Opener

When you want to make dinner or eat a snack from a jar, you know the task that lies ahead of you. Maybe it will be easy, but there’s an equal chance it will take every ounce of strength you posses in your body to accomplish your goal. Opening a jar sounds so simple, and sometimes it is. Other days you try using your hands, a towel, your hands again, a bottle opener, and before long you have out the flamethrower and a crowbar.

If you just don’t have the arm strength to open a jar, then you might want to find a way to do so without much effort. There are plastic options that will make things easier, but if you have atrophying muscles due to age or disease and are without enough strength for that, then you’re going to need things to happen automatically. The Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener is one way to get to the delicious contents of a jar with only the use of one finger.

To use this contraption, you only need to press the engage button. It will latch onto the lid and unscrew it at a reasonable pace. When it’s finished, press the button to release it and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. This will cost you around $11, and will work with any jar lids sized from 1-4”. You will need to keep backup AA batteries around for when the included two crap out on you, but it should last for 250 openings or more on one set.

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1 thought on “The Automatic Jar Opener is the strong arm of jar opening justice”

  1. This is a copy of the original, Daka, fully automatic ‘one-touch jar opener’.

    Hamilton Beach should be ashamed…

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