Automatic Electronic Pet Door

When it comes to dog owners, I would say that I can classify them into two different groups – the first would not mind Fido staying indoors with them, jumping into the same sofa while they munch on popcorn and watch the favorite soppy movie together, getting fur all over the place, while the other group would be one that is so strict, anything four legged is not allowed through the front door. Well, if you happen to fall under the first category, you can always check out the Automatic Electronic Pet Door, where it will come in $799.95 and $859.95 models.

The Automatic Electronic Pet Door is pretty much self-descriptive – it will be able to open itself up automatically whenever a pet approaches it in the right direction. Installing it is a snap, where it goes into a sliding patio door frame, and whenever a pet that wears the included ultrasonic collar comes within 1′ to 10′ (you as the owner can set the distance), the pet door will automatically open to let the pet in or out. There is also the added flexibility of allowing the door can to be restricted in a way where a pet can only enter or leave the house or to prevent the door from opening. It is built with quality, thanks to a rigid aluminum frame, dual pane window made of hermetically sealed, tempered glass, and air-tight pet door which locks with a dead bolt to deliver a secure, weathertight barrier.