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Autogami Solar Car needs no stinkin’ oil to run

autogamiLet’s face it – even in this technologically advanced age where most children would prefer to be entertained by a mobile device or a screen of some sorts, it would always be good if you could introduce them to alternative toys. You know, back in the days when there were no tablets or smartphones, and the coolest toy on the block was not the NES, but rather, a remote controlled toy car that chewed through batteries like nobody’s business. Enter the £9.99 Autogami Solar Car that offers all the fun of an R/C toy car, but without the need for batteries.

After all, this is a truly ‘green’ toy that one can play with. It is made out of cardboard, so some basic assembly is required, and if you are adept with some comprehension of piecing the bits and pieces together, that would be great as well. There is no need for any kind of scissors or glue to put this car together, let alone a bolt or screw to tighten. It is extremely easy to build from scratch, where 5 hours of sunlight would net you 20 minutes of driving time, as it hits maximum speeds of 2km/h in order not to damage or injure even your pet hamsters if they get in the way.