Auto Opening Trash Can

Auto Trash CanYou know the scenario; you’ve just wiped over the kitchen work surfaces and have swept a mass of crud and crumbs into your hand. All you need to do now is open the dustbin lid and deposit said crud into the trash. Aarrgg! On opening the bin, you’ve now lost most of the muck onto the floor and all around the bin. Much cursing then begins as you re-start the process of cleaning up the crud off the floor!

Well, help is now at hand (pardon the pun!) with the automatic Hands Off Garbage Can. The bin is fitted with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart-chip which opens the lid on sensing your approach. Therefore no need to juggle with hands full of trash anymore.

The sensor has a range of approximately 6 inches and opens when your hand or said garbage is within range. The lid remains open all the time you are within range or when all trash has been deposited, the lid closes after 3 seconds. Also, as you now get your trash directly into the bin and not on it or in the surrounding area of the bin, it means a more hygienic kitchen.

The trash can also has a built in low battery indicator light and you also have the option to manual operate the bin using the buttons on the front.

It has a 13 gallon capacity and is great for those with dexterity problems like the elderly or disabled. The bin also has a bag fix ring so trash bags remain firmly in place.

The trash can comes in a stainless steel finish and retails at $129.95 from First Street Partners.

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