The Auto Finder – Stop the wandering

I’ll never forget the time I lost my car. After an hour of searching, I came to the realization that it really was stolen and called the police, it took a phone call to my husband to be reminded that I had HIS car. Luckily the police saw the humor in the situation, so does my husband, over and over again.

If only I had the Auto-Finder, a new safety product that uses a patented micro antenna system that is very different from GPS. The new Fynder™ platform can get you to your car much more easily because it doesnt require access to satellite signals and it doesnt even need you to enter your location each time you park your car.

The Auto-Finder has the ability to get you to your car quickly, safely and without wisecracks from your husband. The technology works easily even in underground parking garages or multi-level structures.

Find your car, or other important locations or objects up to 1/2 mile away, just place the beacon in, or on the object and hang the finder on your keychain and let it guide you home. Simple.

You can have this security for $69.97 with free shipping from

Will someone please ask my husband to stop laughing?