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Aursen rolls out the Lion wireless charger

lion-chargerWe live in an increasingly wireless society. Just take a look at everywhere you go. There are plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots in public these days, and when we make payments, these tend to be wireless transactions that do not require any kind of paper money any more. You can use your smartphone to pay via an e-wallet service, or wave a credit card and you’re good to go. Well, mobile devices have also upped the ante in terms of being charged, where the cables have been done away with, hence the term wireless charging. It is an extremely convenient method to juice up a device, since there is no need to worry about cables getting all tangled up. Enter the Lion wireless charger from Aursen.

Aursen’s latest release is an innovative charger that gets rid of wires through the use of an innovative aluminum alloy shell. This particular charger is extremely suitable for the likes of the Samsung Note8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8, Note5, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 edge plus, Galaxy S6 edge and the recently revealed iPhone8, iPhone 8 plus, and the high end iPhone X.

This Lion wireless charger will feature some of the most popular ergonomic technology as well as the most advanced short circuit protection ABS & PC materials, as part of an effort to ensure the safety of the user. Equipped with an over-voltage and overload protection filter, it has also been tested through a full load high temperature burn machine to ensure a safety first approach.

The double-coil design also makes it possible to charge the phone while simultaneously watching a film with both horizontal and vertical placement. Just in case you do not have a smartphone that is compatible with Qi wireless charging at the moment, but are looking to do so, there is still a port to attach a charging cable to it. Fancy picking up this innovative device?

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