Aurora Dress lights up any ball

When it comes to fashion, you can more or less say that anything goes. After all, one can never quite tell just what will be the next big thing, I mean, I still look at bell bottoms today and wonder just what the heck were people thinking then? Enter the Aurora Dress that was specially designed by CuteCircuit, where it saw action in an opera performance hosted by Breitling, a luxury brand name that is from the Swiss watch fraternity. This dress will boast hundreds of Swarovski crystals and will also come embedded with LEDs which will light up in order to deliver a colorful and sparkly display.
Made out of silk taffeta and chiffon, the Aurora Dress’ design was inspired the natural phenomenon of the aurora borealis, where it resulted in a spectacular glow of colors in the night sky. No idea on whether it will make it to the real world though, since it will most probably be uber expensive.