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The Auroma One – single-serving coffee enthusiasts inquire within

Auroma One

Once you escape those impending deadlines you realize that you don’t have to drink that much coffee all the time anymore. Getting to a normal human schedule, for however brief a time you are allowed such a thing, you start appreciating your coffee more. There’s no point in gulping down a brew that doesn’t taste good, especially when you’re not drinking it to replace your lacking life force.

If you just want a single cup every few hours, then this Auroma One will be sure to impress. This is meant to make one cup at a time, but takes its job quite seriously. It uses a 40g hopper which feeds into a burr grinder. From there it’ll go into a built-in metal filter which you can put a paper filter into, but don’t necessarily have to. Those who do will likely end up with a smoother cup of Joe though.

The reservoir can hold 1.5 liters of water, allowing your single cup to quickly become 4-5 if you need it to. It only takes about 2 minutes to brew, so you will be swimming in fresh, delicious coffee in no time at all. This will cost you around $399 for those that are interested in getting some fancy smancy coffee every day. Of course, even things with a high price tag can be bogus, so anyone who wants to give this a go can report back.

Available for purchase on auromabrewing

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