The Aurai Cool and Warm Eye Massager will help tired eyes recover faster


If you work on your computer, a lot, then you’ve likely started to notice when you’re experiencing eye strain. They’re itchy, dry, and you wake up feeling like there are sand bags on your lower lid. No one wants to be told they look tired every other day, so you start researching how to lessen the appearance of eye fatigue.

Should you be quite finished with trying combinations of creams, cold spoons, and hot towels, Aurai could be a welcome relief. This is an eye massager that uses hydrotherapy with both warm and cool options so that you can get whatever kind of comfort you need. The cool, at 64 degrees Fahrenheit, will help with puffiness and dark circles, while the warm at 104 degrees will stimulate your oil glands and help your eyes relax. Thanks to the contracting and dilating effect this device will have, you’ll be helping the pushing and pulling of blood around your eyes, letting you feel more refreshed.

The massage aspect has been described as the gentle walking back and forth of a massage chair, but on your eyes, with less pressure. This uses water circulation and vibration rather than vibration alone so that you don’t end up with a migraine from having your sinus mask being shaken to death. The mask should fit all face shapes, and the strap that goes around your head is adjustable. This is presently available for crowdfunding, priced at $149, and for those who work seemingly nonstop on their screens and are always dealing with eye issues, this could be a face-saver.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter