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Aumi – Are you afraid of the dark?

Aumi night light

The dark. It is the enemy of child and fully-grown human alike—children are afraid of what they don’t know, and after too many horror movies, adults can’t help but feel uneasy at what they now know is lurking in literally every corner of their home. But fear not! Aumi is here to help.

Aumi is a nightlight developed by Humanscope, a Canadian company that is currently Kickstarting this nifty little device. The Aumi is flat, round, and more compact than other nightlights, measuring nearly half the width of most traditional designs. It also allows for full use of both outlets. The real appeal of the Aumi and what sets it apart, is in its customization and accessibility.

While Aumi is able to be manually adjusted in terms of its brightness, it is also equipped with Bluetooth functionality that allows users to turn them on or off, change the color it emits, and dim or brighten the light from a distance. It can even alert you to texts or calls. Multiple nightlights can be connected to your phone, named, and controlled, making it easy to manage any potential energy concerns, though the Aumi only uses minimal electricity. The Aumi also brags 10 hours of battery life when disconnected from an outlet, which it can be plugged into using its foldable prongs. The Aumi is currently over 200% funded, and one can be pre-purchased for as little as $35 CAD.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter