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Audiofly AF240 over-ear headphones more than a decent attempt

audiofly-AF240There is always a first for everyone and all companies, otherwise progress would never be made. Having said that, Audiofly’s maiden attempt at a pair of over-ear headphones has resulted in the Audiofly AF240 that claims to be able to blend the elements of sound, style and comfort into a masterful manner. I would suppose that words alone are unable to do justice to the Audiofly AF240, as one will definitely need to spend some time with it before it actually grows on you, but let us take a look at the hardware specifications in the extended post, shall we?

Specially designed with superior sound and absolute comfort in mind, Audiofly’s AF240 claims to be able to meet audio enthusiasts’ critical standards – and more importantly in these economically trying times for many people, also to target the value-conscious music fans’ budgetary needs. Originally announced at CES earlier this year (boy, how fast has time flown, right?), the Audiofly AF240 boasts of honest sound thanks to its 40mm neodymium drivers, which ensures a detailed and faithful reproduction of the artists’ music, the way that the artist would originally have wanted it to sound.

Audiofly claims that the AF240 brings together a perfect combination of function and form thanks to its beautiful, minimal, low-profile design, where the headphone itself is constructed with a polycarbonate body and sports alloy arms for a lightweight feel. It has been designed with a self-adjusting headband and memory foam ear cups that delivers ultimate comfort, paving the way for users to listen for extended periods of time without experiencing any listening fatigue, and the custom fit isolates up to 20dB of outside noise without needing to compromise on the sound, hence letting it tune out unnecessary noises in planes, commuting and other noisy environments.

The AF240 will arrive in black or vintage white shades for $249.99 a pop.

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