Audio headphones that can help reverse hair loss.

The Japanese make the best sushi, and the wackiest gadgets. Here’s one gadget that’s nearly off the scale, even by their standards – a set of headphones that can help reverse hair loss.

No more expensive, quack, baldness remedies that don’t work. No more painful operations grafting hair from your bum onto your scalp…. this gadget uses science.

The headset was developed by researchers from Japan’s Kanazawa University, (who incidentally, are researching the use of mushrooms to prevent hair loss!). The electrodes you can see in the photo produce a low frequency current that stimulates the wearers scalp, improving blood flow to the hair follicles. The audio headphones themselves are functional and you can plug them into your favourite MP3 player and wait for the new fluff to start growing. No one seems to know what these headphones would do for your battery life though, and I also notice that the electrodes don’t cover the whole scalp. Does this mean that you would end up with a sideways Mohican haircut? Anyway, the chap in the photo seems to have a fine head of hair.

There are lots of issues here, and I’m not sure if this is an early April 1st joke, but apparently the device is available in Japan for $1,000 from the health care products company B-Road.

Found via Techie Diva