The Audio Bulb from GiiNii

I always like reviewing GiiNii’s products like their Digital Picture Frames. I was very pleased to try out one of their most awesome products, the Audio Bulb.
The Audio Bulb is a very simple product to explain: it is two light bulbs designed to be left and right speakers. It syncs wirelessly with an iPod/iPhone using an included cradle with a range of 50 to 100 feet.
I found that the sound was good, and I like how it comes with a remote control for volume, play/pause, as well as the brightness levels of the bulbs at 4 different levels. It even has a Bass Boost that you will notice when it is on, be careful not to bust the other bulbs around.
I have to admit that I like the idea of using light bulbs as speakers. If you have a room with two lamps, and you want to hear music from your iDevice, this is probably the best device to do it with. In other words, I recommend them highly. By the way, the Audio Bulbs can function as a very super-efficient LED light bulb that can last for years.
According to the official AudioBulb site, it is available “after Halloween”. I found it on Amazon for about $299.99.

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