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Audeo Neckband Literally Reads and Speaks Your Thoughts

Audeo Neckband

It’s time to turn up the futuristic creepy-meter as some designers actually went and invented a device that can literally speak whatever you are thinking.

Apparently the Audeo Neckband can somehow connect with your head wirelessly around your neck and pick up nerve impulses that form what you are thinking. I’m not certain if it vocalizes conscious or unconscious thoughts, but it is designed for “voiceless conversations” for cell phone users.

I’m sure you’re wondering if you can believe this article, which, even as I write it, sounds like nothing more than science fiction snake-oil. However, if you watch the YouTube video here, you’ll see that it certainly seems legit.

In fact, the Audeo Neckband sounds like it has a lot of bugs to work out. Its ability to converse is weak at best, because the designers say it only has a limited vocabulary of 150 words and phrases. The company is positive that a new version with an unlimited vocabulary will be available by the end of this year.

This is one of those conceptual devices that I don’t really want to see become reality, for obvious reasons. I don’t want someone to collar me, and read my thoughts. The perfection of this technology could change everything, turning planet Earth into a Phillip K. Dick dystopia.


3 thoughts on “Audeo Neckband Literally Reads and Speaks Your Thoughts”

  1. I find it easy to focus on both the positive and negative aspects of what this technology might mean, however one thought immediately springs to mind:

    This is one small step for the vocally impaired and one giant leap to horrific invasions of privacy.

  2. This device captures signals your brain sends to your vocal chords. It doesn’t hack into your brain and steal whatever you’re thinking about. If you don’t willingly try to use it, it won’t work.

  3. hey the guy on the left visited my class two years ago, he explained the Audeo device (not a concept by the way) it picks up on electrical signals that pass through the spinal cord from the brain that would normally go to the vocal chords, and then transmit those signals to a computer attached to specialized wheelchairs and would speak what the person wants, kinda of like Stephen Hawking’s setup only more sophisticated.

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