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AT&T Primetime tablet delivers round-the-clock entertainment

att-primetimeA tablet is meant to be an alternative communications device to the smartphone, and many of us do happen to own a tablet that is a secondary productivity device. Well, while our smartphones might continue to be our primary portable media player that keeps us entertained on long road trips or across trans-Atlantic flights, this does not mean that we should discount the usefulness of a tablet. AT&T has come up with something interesting in the form of the AT&T Primetime, an exclusive tablet from the mobile carrier that comes loaded with entertainment and productivity features to help you get started right out of the box.

 You will be able to pick up the AT&T Primetime for a mere $10 each month for 20 months in the form of an AT&T installment plan, or you can always settle for a $29.99 initial outlay which will be accompanied by a 2-year contract. This exclusive tablet from the mobile carrier will come with a slew of entertainment and productivity features such as TV Mode. TV Mode enables access to your favorite video apps such as DIRECTV in a single quick touch or swipe.

Not only that, AT&T Unlimited Plus or AT&T Unlimited Choice customers do have the option of adding in AT&T Primetime to their unlimited wireless plan as long as they are comfortable with the additional $20 monthly fee. Hardware specifications of the AT&T Primetime include a high-quality HD display, incredible Dolby audio sound via its dual front-facing speakers, a long-lasting 9,070mAh battery of up to 11 hours, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In fact, getting started is so easy, since there is built-in Google Docs and split screen features that makes it all too easy to perform edits and multi-task at once. Any takers?

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