ATP GPS Photo Finder

Photo Finder

The ATP GPS Photo Finder is for those who really want to geotag your pictures. Some of you may do this thing where you sync your camera’s clock to your GPS, then you have to manually sync them up later on.

Or maybe you don’t, because I don’t really geotag my pictures. However, if I were on a camping trip, and I wanted to know where I was so I could revisit it again, I think this ATP GPS Photo Finder would be a very useful gadget.

This Photo Finder works on AA batteries, and then connect it to your GPS device and camera. It can store up to 550 hours of location data, and 128MB of internal memory. You will, of course, have to make certain your camera is synced to the GPS time that the Photo Finder will display.

From then on, the camera will be synced to the GPS, and all you need to do is connect it to your computer via USB. You can also stick your camera’s SD/MMC/MS card, and there will be JPEGs already tagged. These geotagged pictures integrate directly into Google Earth and Maps.

You should be able to purchase this for about $130. Have fun as you take your geotagged pictures.