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Atomi Charge Station makes easy work of charging your devices

atomi-charge-stationWhen it comes to charging up the many mobile devices that we own these days, it can get all too confusing at times, especially when you take into consideration how many different chargers there are in the market and the ilk. The thing is, if there were to be some place central where all of our devices can be juiced up, it would be a whole lot better since there is less headache to consider when it comes to searching for the right charger. Well, we have seen charging docks in the past, but Atomi intends to bring the charging dock paradigm to a new level, by rolling out their brand new Charge Station universal charging dock which will boast of a trio of USB ports, a weighted base, and illuminated dividers that makes for an elegant take on surge-protected charging and storage.

The Atomi Charge Station is made from high quality ABS plastic, where it will comprise of a couple of 2.1 amps outputs as well as a single 1 amp output, letting you juice up to a trio of devices simultaneously, while the dividers will ensure that all of the cables as well as devices will remain neat and organized – not to mention look great while doing it. It is said that the average U.S. household at this moment has more than five Internet connected devices, while Atomi’s Charge Station steps in to help to solve the particularly niggling issues of how to keep these devices powered, as well as ensure that they are easy to locate at any time.

Delivering up to 5.2 amps of power, the Atomi Charge Station can make sure that a pair of thirsty tablets as well as a solitary smartphone will be able to juice up simultaneously, making sure that you and the whole family will be well equipped to face whatever challenges that you will be facing in the day ahead.

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