Atlantic EGO iceBar2 Waterproof Speaker System for iPods

iceBar 2

I believe that our Apple iPods are built to be durable, but they are not that durable. I’ve heard that thousands of cell phones are dropped into toilets everyday, so you can imagine that iPod’s are just as vulnerable. I don’t have a stat about how many iPods get flushed each day, but I imagine a nano would actually make it all the way to the ocean.

The iceBar2 is designed specifically to keep an iPod nano safe from water damage in any situation. Okay, not any situation, but up to three meters of water.

This iceBar2 Speaker System is a waterproof and shatterproof case which can protect the iPod from not only dust and scratches, and that wet foe: water.

You may note in the picture how the material is clear, but you might not know that it is also bulletproof. When you connect the iPod nano inside, the waterproof stereo speakers will play your tunes in any setting.

The iceBar 2 will certainly come in handy for the bathtub, or even a pool party. It is powered by four AAA batteries, and has an external power button so users can instantly turn the case on or off. This allows users to listen privately by adding their own earphones.

The iceBar 2 will be available in April at a price of $69.

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