The ATH-AX5iS SonicFuel Over-Ear Headphones can make big sounds from tiny devices

When you can hear every note and word of a song, it’s easy to be immersed in it. Hearing muffled versions of our tunes when our headphones or ear buds crap out only serves to make us a tad crazy. If you’re accustomed to constant quality sound like what you would get out of your home computer setup, then you know how annoying ear buds constantly falling out or putting themselves in awkward positions in your ear can be.

If you prefer over-ear headphones, then why subject yourself to anything other than that just because you’re using your smartphone? The ATH-AX5iS SonicFuel Over-Ear Heaphones can make your daily music dosage all the better. These were meant for smartphones, and have 40mm drivers that can pack a decent punch. These have cushy earpads, and a headband which is said to be comfortable for extended wear. The cord is flat, which somehow means tangle-free (if it’s a cord, it will find a way to tangle itself).

As these are meant for mobile devices, they needed to have a more portable aspect to them, so the earcups are capable of folding flat, and this set comes with a carrying case. They are made of ABS plastic with aluminum accents, and are available in black or gun-metal grey. There is an in-line microphone, as well as volume and track controls so you can take calls in between jamming out. These will cost you around $90, but won’t be available until this summer.

More information is available on audio-technica, found via thegeekchurch