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Two Atari 2600 products

atari-productsSomeone must be in the mood for Atari 2600 nostalgia because I found not one, but two, products that hearken back to the age of extremely low resolution video gaming.

The first is an iPod dock that looks like the base station for the 2600. It has the on/off switch, but it doesn’t have any of the switches in the other areas. Looks like the iPod goes where the cartridge used to go. No real complex tech going on here.

The same applies for the 2600 cartridge wallet. If you look close, you can see the crease in cartridge, and you can open it up for a place to stash your cash and business cards. Why they chose to use E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial game, I have no idea.

For those of you who don’t know the history of this game, Atari spent more money making and promoting this game than their original console. They even had an ad which had E.T. dressed as Santa Claus, but the game was a complete bomb. I’ve heard that there is some landfill in the desert that has the one million E.T. games that just wouldn’t sell. As someone who once borrowed the game, I can tell you that it was rather lame.

Sadly, my sources don’t seem to have prices on these products, but hey, everyone loves the 2600.

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