AT-AT Boombox

Do you have a friend who is a big time Star Wars fan? I’m sure you do, and if he or she has a birthday coming up, then I will give you an idea for the perfect gift: the AT-AT Boombox.

As you can see, it is a boombox that looks like an AT-AT (All-Terrain Armored Transport), first seen in the landmark Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I was in second grade when I first saw the greatest Star Wars movie of the sextology, and I never did understand how the Empire got those walking Imperial tanks from their Star Destroyers down to the surface of Hoth Ice Planet.

The AT-AT Bombox may not walk or blast rebel scum, but it does have a tape deck, antennas for radio, and some speakers. I’m not certain why the AT-AT boombox is black when the ones in the Star Wars movies were dark gray. Perhaps Darth Vader wanted something that would match his ebony wardrobe. Just picture the Dark Lord of the Sith walking around with the AT-AT boombox on his shoulder like Radio Rahim from Do The Right Thing, and you’ll see what I’m saying.

It’s nice to know that the boom box still hasn’t gone out of style in the age of the iPod, and this one definitely has a unique look. Sadly, my sources don’t have any word on price or availability as yet.


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