Asus ZX1 Lamborghini Branded Phone

Asus ZX1 Lamborghini
Asus is launching their ZX1 touch screen phone which will be branded by Lamborghini. It will run on the Windows Mobile 6 Pro (probably 6.1) Operating System when it arrives and feature a full touch screen which will be a completely flat display integrated in to the housing just like an iPhone. On the connectivity side we will see 3G data support, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and it will be powered by a 520MHz Qualcomm processor.

With the ZX1 being branded by Lamborghini this means you will see the regular Lamborghini colors for the casing of the phone which I assume will be yellow and black. However, I do hope that an equivalent of the ZX1 will hit the market with out the Lamborghini brand as it seems that the famous badge is only there to increase the price for no real reason.

The phone will be launched in Europe during the summer and without a contract it will set you back 650 EUR ($981 USD at today’s exchange rate). With a contract you can expect the price to be greatly reduced.

There are no actual picture of the Asus ZX1 yet. The one up above is just a mock up from an older Asus phone.

Via: Unwiredview

Guest post by Matthew of Gadget Venue