Asus Eee PC gets new shade

black Asus Eee PC

If you fancy picking up the Asus Eee PC but haven’t done so yet since you loathe its white color, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. Word has it that Asus will be shipping its Eee PC in black as well from this month onwards. This is great if you have a rather dark setup at home where a white case doesn’t really fit in. The new version will offer the same exact hardware, including case fans, the only thing that changes is the color. There is no information yet on if they plan on releasing even more color options in the future, but it’s definitely a possibility as their is quite a big demand.

Online retailer Expansys has already jumped onto the black maria, shipping it in 9 days’ time with an additional $20 slapped onto the original price tag. Which color do you think the Eee PC looks better in?