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The Aspirus gives our bodies balance at work


Sitting at your desk, you go through phases of not wanting to work, pretending to work, working diligently, and poking stuff on your desk waiting for the day to end. During all of this time, your body is normally doing one thing, and that would be sitting. We get restless, bored, and far less motivated when we don’t get our blood pumping every now and again.

Desk jobs can be killer on your body, mainly because we stay in the same position, and forget to get up, stretch, and take a walk around the cubicle. If you need a little more motion in your day-to-day life at work, then this Aspirus Smart Standing Workstation could help you to move more. Not only will you be able to switch out between sitting and standing at the press of a button, but you will also get a laptop and phone stand, screen adjustment options, modular mounts, and most important of all, a “Do not disturb” light that will let your coworkers know when it’s not safe to approach you. That last feature will hopefully let you get down to business when you finally do hit that ‘working diligently’ part of the day.

On top of all that neatness, there are also sit-stand reminders via light on the base of this, and tracking through an app to let you start recognizing your patterns at work, as well as start setting goals for yourself. This is a system that will sit atop the desk you currently have, so there’s no need to throw out your pre-existing workstation. You’ll be able to set the height to best fit you, and a press of a button will have it changing quickly and quietly. This steel-framed device is going to cost you $599 through the presently successful crowdfunding campaign if you’re interested in backing it.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo