Asoberu-T augmented reality shirt

The folks over at Japan are a pretty creative society – just take a look at the kind of quirky fashion ideals that people in the country ascribe to, and you have a better and clearer picture of how things look like. Not only that, their smartphones have long been so much more advanced than handsets in the West and the rest of the world, functioning as a portable wallet and all. This time around, we have Dentsu, a Japanese advertising company, make an announcement that they have come up with a new T-shirt technology that they call Asoberu-T.

The Asoberu-T can be said to be a form of augmented reality, as it comes in three different ways for one to “enjoy” the T-shirt, namely Play, Shot and Share. In order to begin “playing” with your T-shirt, you will first need to install the dedicated free application on your smartphone. Once that is done, hold the smartphone over the T-shirt and run the app, where your eyes will be greeted by characters as well as other designs which will pop-up on the screen as though it involved magic, and you can even manipulate those characters and designs from your phone’s touchscreen to boot. In Shot mode, you can pose with the characters while composing an entirely new photo, while Share would let you upload those photos to a special website. Definitely trendy and fashionable, don’t you think so?