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Ash Trap

Ash TrapHaving a party is great fun. You buy in some party food and beers, put on some party music and wait for guests to arrive. The only draw back to a party is the big clean up. No doubt your mates will have left or be so hung over that they won’t be of any help to you. The best way to help is to tidy as you go.

Introducing the ‘Ash Trap’. It’s a simple idea that will reduce the mess left over from your party so you have less work to do. When your guests have finished with their beer, give them an ash trap to place over the bottle and use as an ash tray. You may think your guests already use there beer bottles to collect cigarette ash but once you’ve had a few pints, you’re inclined to miss!

Leave these on the tables and benches for them to use at their leisure to ensure you don’t get hot ash on your new cream leather sofa. Not only does it prevent people fighting over the ash tray but you get a satisfactory feeling that you are in some way, recycling your beer bottle! It’s good to think that the pretty beer bottle is doing something good.

Before you know it, it will be the talking point of the party, thus keeping your guests entertained as well as tidy. Not many gadgets can do both. These ash traps have an anodised finish and look superb on a bottle as you can see from the picture.

So there you have it. The Ash Trap. And for only £4.95 I think it’s worth a try and if you like it, buy more for your parties.