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The Artican – your cans will be in a constant state of chill


When you’re drinking a canned beverage, it always tastes better when chilled. You generally have around an hour or less to enjoy your drink at the optimal temperature, though a koozie can help. While there are a myriad of ways to go about it, you want something that isn’t going to look ridiculous, won’t freeze your hands into solid blocks, and will still keep your drink cold.

The Artican is for those who enjoy beverages that come from a 12 ounce can and need a little help keeping their drink chilly. This has a cooling core which can be put into the freezer, and will keep the contents of your can ice-cold for up to three hours. This comes in either matte black or stainless steel, and is going to make your drink look more exquisite than it likely is.

This doubled walled, stainless steel, vacuum-sealed koozie is going to cost you $19.95, and would be perfect for party nights, barbeques, and concerts. Not only would you get to have your chilled drink the way you want it, but it will also be much easier to tell which drink is yours, as any social gathering often has multiples of the same drink hanging around each other. This looks rather put together from some of the other options we’ve seen, though its construction will likely help it last through a variety of situations you might put it through.

Available for purchase on corkcicle, found via ohgizmo

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