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Arthritis Pain Relieving Mitts and Booties gets the job done on both ends

arthritis-pain-bootiesSuffering from arthritis is definitely no fun at all – after all, who would like to carry a throbbing pain with them wherever they go? Sure, there has been some attempts to alleviate such pain in the past like the Arthritis Pain Relieving Lamp, but that would mean you will have to actively send your body part over the lamp and hold it in place to gain some relief. What if there was a better way of doing things? This is where the $99.95 Arthritis Pain Relieving Mitts and Booties come in.

Both the hands and the feet tend to be the major “casualties”, so to speak, whenever the pain of arthritis strikes. Well, why not target the most areas that are most prone to the pain, and to do so in a single go? Sporting a pair of gel-lined mitts and booties which will rely on moist heat therapy, expect the Arthritis Pain Relieving Mitts and Booties to help ease the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis in the affected areas. It is said to be able to delivering similar relief as a paraffin wax bath, although you would not have to go through all of the hassle of this messy procedure. One size is said to fit most, so what are you waiting for?