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Arthritis Pain Relieving Lamp might just work wonders

arthritis-lampI suppose when you are at the end of your rope, and no longer have any more recourse when it comes to relieving the intense pain caused by your arthritis, then you would want to try just about anything as the situation gets more desperate. Instead of paying a visit to the nearest quack doctor or ask a snake oil salesman to drop by your home, how about giving the $149.95 Arthritis Pain Relieving Lamp a chance?

This particular Arthritis Pain Relieving Lamp will rely on far infrared heat in order to help soothe stiff, sore, and swollen joints. Located right behind the unit’s ceramic 6″ x 6.5″ glass panel, would be a 300-watt halogen lamp which is capable of radiating therapeutic heat over an area which measures 11.75″ x 15.75″. This particular therapeutic heat would be able to penetrate deep into tissue, which would be able to further ease pain as well as stiffness in order to boost circulation. When that happens, it is said to be able to speed up the healing process and help reduce inflammation overall. It will be different from lesser lamps that have limited adjustability, since this particular model comes with a couple of two large side handles so that users can easily tilt the head to any angle up to 50ยบ in order to have it precisely target shoulders, knees, hands, or other areas affected by arthritis.