Aroma USB – Freshen Your Space and Your Mood

One of my first jobs was working in a huge office in one of those little cubicles. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the guy that worked directly across from me didn’t bring the most horrific things into the workplace to have for lunch. I’m talking liver and onion leftovers, some sort of day old curry and a runny brown concoction that I never was able to identify. I used to just sit in my rickety old desk chair and gag.
If only I had the Aroma USB, an incredibly useful USB operated cold mist ultrasonic fragrance dispenser. This non storage USB can be used with almost any fragrance oil available on the market, and it can deliver its ambiance enhancing scent for up to an entire week on a single refill. The Aroma USB promises to envelope up to a 10 foot area in aromatherapy -like bliss.
The Aroma USB allows you to adjust its fragrance strength and use just what you need in order to mask any unpleasant smells perhaps emanating from your neighbor. This may be the perfect secret santa gift for your less than sweet smelling roommate or office buddy, and, it could be the only hint they need.
The Aroma USB is currently only available in white and sells for under 30 bucks. So get one for yourself, or for one of your smelly friends at yankodesigns.comĀ and then feel free to have that chili for lunch… or wear your dirty socks for another day.