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Shocking Arm Wrestling Game

Arm WrestlingWhen you need to get back at someone but want to avoid a full blown fist fight. This arm wrestling kit may be just the thing for you. Everyone loves taking on the challenge of an arm wrestle. It’s a game that requires strength and determination.

No doubt, at some stage when you have played it and you win, your opponent thinks the match was unfair and demands a rematch. Another reason why this kit is all you need. So what is this arm wrestling kit and what does it do?

You each put on one glove and rest your elbow on the pads provided. Begin the game and show your opponent what you are made of. The gadget will detect who the clear winner is and will emit a small electric shock to the loser!

If your usually not very good at arm wrestling games, then the thought of an electric shock, may help you reveal hidden strength that you never thought you had. Great game to play with all your friends, especially down at the pub, everyone will want a go! Good fun to get your party started and a fun ice-breaker.

Arm Wrestling

This pack contains two shocking gloves and two elbow pads. It comes with 6 AG13 batteries which are included to demonstration purposes. All arm wrestling rules are outlined clearly on the box so no cheating! For obvious reasons, do not use if you suffer from epilepsy, heart conditions or similar related illnesses. It is advisable to warm your muscles up before taking part to avoid injury.

Above all, have fun and just word of advice – Make sure you win every time!

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2 thoughts on “Shocking Arm Wrestling Game”

  1. era precixo uma traduxao para isto nao???
    “Quando você necessitar começar para trás em alguém mas querer evitar uma luta fundida cheia do punho”. ??
    “seu oponente pensa que o fósforo era unfair e exige de um rematch.”?
    “Assim que são este jogo wrestling do braço e que faz?”
    “Você cada uma luva calçada”? MAS O KE E ISTO? alguem me explike por favor porke as frases n tem o min de contexto

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