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Arm Wrestling Simulator

Arm Wrestling Simulator

There’s nothing like proving how manly you are than a bit of good old fashioned arm wrestling but it’s not the sort of activity you can really do on you own, until now! The arm wrestling simulator is like one of those machines you used to see in dodgy arcades at the seaside but this one is available for your home.

I must admit I’m not sure what sort of person would have one of these in their living room but if you do please send us a photo and I guarantee we’ll publish it. If you’ve got cash to burn you can pick up the baldie arm wrestling simulator from Drink Stuff for £3,288.99 (~ $6,600 or more simply, a lot).

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4 thoughts on “Arm Wrestling Simulator”

  1. Seriously, do you think they have ever sold one to a private party?? (to a bar I can maybe understand but to a person??)

  2. My honest answer to that Amanda would have to be no, then again there are some strange people out there. I know one of our readers bought a Stormtrooper outfit for over $2000 (then again maybe that’s not so strange 🙂 )

  3. haha, thanks for satisfying my curiosity! I have just discovered this site, and I must say it is very fascinating to see what kind of products are out there 😉

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