This Arcylic Lighted Champagne Ice Bucket makes your house party feel like a nightclub

LED Acrylic Champagne Bowl

There’s something to be said for atmosphere. Going out on a Friday night immediately makes you think of going to a club, having some drinks, and dancing the night away; though not everyone is able to find a bar worth going to. There’s also the issue of dealing with creeps and psychos at bars, which is why having a house party always seems preferable since you’ll at least know some of the people who show up.

If you like playing host and want there to be a nightclub atmosphere, then you’re going to need the accessories to do so. Those who are all about LEDs and lighting can add to their collection with this Color-Changing LED Champagne Ice Bucket. It runs on 4 AA batteries, and has different lighting modes for single or multi-color, all of which can be controlled by the included remote.

The acrylic material this bucket is made of makes it functional as more than just an ice bucket since it can hold beverages, flowers, snacks, party favors and more. Do keep in mind that this was only made to fit one bottle and ice though, so it’s not going to fit too much. This is going to cost you around $36 with shipping, and is certain to add a little ambiance to the room. If only you could get it to dance to the beat like some other lighted devices can.