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Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, there is just one phrase which is very relevant at the moment – “Brace yourself, winter is coming.” Having said that, don’t be a bummer and stay cooped up at home all winter long just because you hate the snow. Embrace snow just like how you embrace the sunlight during summer, and perhaps you might learn to live a little bit more. How about having a snowball fight with your kids, when was the last time you did so? Assuming you and the missus have teamed up to go up against two of your terrible teens, you might want to offset the lack of agility on your part with power – without telling your kids, of course, by purchasing the £29.99 Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow. What was once a medieval weapon of choice, the crossbow is definitely a timeless classic that has also been seen in use in The Walking Dead to pick off zombies from afar. The serious ‘pull-and-release’ action on the Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow will be able to launch snowballs up to 18 meters away, now how about that? You can always practice by using the included vinyl target first, before you end up shooting like a pro. ]]>