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Archos introduces the connected kitchen with the Archos Kitchen Screen

archos-super-xArchos, a company that does have its fair share of Android-powered devices in the market, has decided to forge a partnership with Freshub, which happens to be a connected-kitchen Israeli start-up. This particular partnership would see the launch of an end-to-end service which would allow consumers to add items instantly to a digital shopping cart via a kitchen-tailored version of the Archos Smart Home Tablet, where this particular device will now be known as the Archos Kitchen Screen in order to reflect its new functionality and identity.

The Archos Kitchen Screen works this way – it makes life easy for consumers to add a choice of thousands of products to their digital shopping cart all the way through the week, where one simply needs to wave the desired item in front of the screen, or to issue a voice command, and voila – it is done. Not only that, the Archos Kitchen Screen will also come with a touchscreen which is capable of offering suggestions to product alternatives should a wanted item be unavailable, in addition to customized electronic coupons.

Loic Poirier, CEO at ARCHOS shared, “As leaders in the Connected Objects field, we are proud to work with Freshub to connect the kitchen. Our Smart Home vision now helps people to keep their kitchens filled up thanks to the world’s first connected device offering an instant grocery retail link. This game-changing connectivity will considerably alter the way people shop and will shape the future retailing experience.”

Pricing details for the Archos Kitchen Screen remain to be revealed, but we do know that since it offers consumers a variety of kitchen, family and smart home apps, life at home becomes a whole lot more convenient – as there are the likes of including recipes, cooking timers, streaming music, safety cameras, digital picture frame, and clock & weather apps to choose from.

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