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Arcade Mini Roadster Simulator delivers fun in your living room

arcade-roadster-simulatorIt goes without saying that children would definitely be enthralled whenever they enter an arcade – the bright, blinking lights, the kind of realistic sound effects that the games make, as well as it being an escape from the dreary days at school and it being a break from boring old homework. However, there is the downside of getting addicted to such games, which is why parents would do well to control the amount of screen time that their little ones enjoy. Just in case your wallet is feeling nice and fat, here is the $6,900 Arcade Mini Roadster Simulator that might just keep junior happy this Christmas.

The Arcade Mini Roadster Simulator is a children’s single-player arcade game which will pitch and roll as drivers zoom their mini roadster around a simulated racecourse. With this, youngsters will be able to have a more entertaining and immersive racing experience as opposed to computer games that remain physically static in front a monitor, as the rally-striped roadster’s chassis will sway as the driver leans into turns and gently bucks when it hits rough terrain. It will be operated as though one was driving an actual roadster, through the pressing of the foot pedal to accelerate and turning the steering wheel to navigate the course. Definitely not a gift for those who are on a tight budget!

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