Aquarium Fish Feeder

Fish FeederFish seem like easy pets, they stay where you put them, require only minimal maintenance and feeding, and don’t make to much noise. Unfortunately, like all living things, they need to be fed regularly.

Most people don’t mind this, it’s fairly simple, drop a pinch of food into the tank. What if you go on vacation? Are you going to pay the neighbor’s kid to feed them for you, hoping he’ll actually come every day. Or maybe you tend to forget every so often or drop a bit too much food into the tank.

This is why the Aquarium fish feeder is pretty handy. It will automatically feed your fish for you, so you don’t have to worry about it (lazy!) The feeder distributes the meal evenly throughout the day, instead of just dropping it all in there at once.

The feeder can handle up to 14 meals, and will distribute 1-4 meals a day. You set feeding times using the built-in quartz timer. Don’t worry about battery life, one AA battery will power the feeder for up to 12 months! There is also an included air pump connector, which will keep the food extra fresh.

Eliminate any worries you have of over feeding your fish, get yourself a Aquarium fish feeder, man! The feeder is also healthier for your fish, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself (not guaranteed). The Aquarium fish feeder is available from SmartHome for $27. It’ll pay for itself in no time.