Aquapac MP3 case

Aquapac are a company who make … umm… plastic bags? Well yes, but these are not your ordinary bag. Aquapac cases are designed to protect your fragile consumer electronics from water (hence the name). If you’re a regular visitor to the beach you’ll appreciate that water and sand can really make a mess of your gadgets! These guys make a range of waterproof bags to cater for different appliances (including phones, cameras and PDA’s) but the one I’m looking at today is the new MP3 player case.

Physically the case is made of a heavy duty flexible plastic that feels very durable. It opens easily with a simple locking mechanism that allows easy access to the player, and the front is transparent so you can still operate the controls and see the display.

A headphone jack has been incorporated directly into the case construction to keep it waterproof – you plug your MP3 player into the inside of the case and connect your headphones on the outside. Once the player is connected and the locking clip closed you’re ready for action.

Aquapac claim the case floats if it’s dropped overboard, although when loaded with iPod mine sank slowly to the bottom of the bowl I was using to test it (60gb iPod video too heavy perhaps?). It did, however keep the iPod dry – they guarantee the case is waterproof to a depth of 5 meters and it’s supplied with a neck lanyard.

Lastly and just to prove the point, this photo shows my trusty iPod taking (and surviving) a dunking!

Aquapac submerged

More info from Lastly I’d like to send a massive thanks to who sent us the aquapac along with a box loads of other gadgets to play with :).

Edit: Aquapac have contacted us to confirm that they don’t claim the case floats – there was an error on the packaging of some models which has now been fixed; looks like we got an early sample!

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