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Aquacopter loves both the sky and the sea

aquacopterA helicopter does not really do too well when it comes to staying near a body of water, that is for sure, but where the $69.95 Aquacopter is concerned, this is one particular remote-controlled helicopter that is very different from the rest of the models that are in the market. Based on its name alone, the Aquacopter will be able to fly into water and emerge in order to resume airborne missions, now how about that? It would be all up to your imagination, then, to come up with some possible scenarios that will see the Aquacopter create memorable stories and situations for your little ones.

Needless to say, the Aquacopter will feature a waterproof body that will enable it to be flown into water or along the surface, where a simple flick of the throttle will be able to lift the helicopter back into flight. Thanks to the built-in gyroscopic stabilizers, flights will be a whole lot smoother, never mind that you are a novice pilot in the first place, where the horizontal tail rotor will also play nice with a pair of contra-rotating main rotors in order to ensure that the helicopter remains balanced. Its rechargeable battery delivers up to eight minutes of flying, where it will take 40 minutes to charge it back to full strength.

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