Aquaclimb lets you rock climb in your pool

In case you’ve been to busy to venture outside, it’s getting pretty cold out. It is Winter after all, and it tends to get cold that time of year. So, I figured, what better time to introduce an insanely awesome pool gadget. Yep, unless you’ve got an indoor pool with a nice, high roof, you won’t be using your brand new Aquaclimb for a few more months. Hah!

Rock climbing. . . in a pool. . . whaaat? Honestly, look at the picture, that looks like a lot of fun. You can get these things in a wide range of sizes, which is limited by the depth of your pool. A wimpy 5 foot pool can only handle a 4 foot wall (what use is that!?) whereas a nice 12 foot pool can handle about 13 feet of wall. I guess that makes sense, you wouldn’t exactly want to free fall for 13 feet into 5 foot deep water. At least I wouldn’t. Each panel can be rotated (4 combinations) to change up your “course” and either make it easier or more difficult for yourself.

If the Aquaclimb wasn’t $10,000$6,500, I’d bet a lot of people would buy one. But it is, and that’s only the starting price, however, you can pretty much get the 13 foot wall for the same price, not quite, but close. Either way, it’s not exactly cheap, and I can think of a lot to buy with $10,000 $6,500 that would get more use than an Aquaclimb. An incredibly large television with a ridiculously awesome speaker system comes to mind, but that’s only an idea. Give me some time, I’ll come up with something.

Product Page – [via SCI FI Tech]

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