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Aqua Zinger

We are supposed to drink in enough water each day if we were to be well hydrated and to keep our cells looking nice and young, but sometimes, we tend to drink other kinds of unwanted fluid such as sodas and coffee more than water, which is not a good thing. Well, why not bring some balance to your diet by incorporating some fruity goodness inside there? This is where the £24.99 Aqua Zinger comes in handy, thanks to its integrated blender mechanism and clever construction, allowing you to avoid unwanted additives and sugars while ensuring that everything that goes down your throat remains all natural.

The Aqua Zinger is so easy to use, that all you need to do is to fill up the bass cup with your favorite fruity combinations (it also depends on how much cut up fruit that you want to squeeze in, of course), replace the filter afterwards and screw it on tight in order to get the juices flowing. Once that is done, just load up the bottle with an adequate amount of water, give it a vigorous shake, and you can begin to enjoy fantastic, natural flavors throughout the day – or at least, as long as there is enough fruity goodness left within. The double-wall stainless steel helps keep drinks hot or cold, and with screw-tight vacuum-seals, oxidization will not kick in that fast.

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