Aqua Sounders from Grace Digital Audio

See this ball to the right of the iPod dock? This is a beach ball from the future. Seriously, it is the Aqua Sounder, a spherical speaker for the iPod, but it is quite similar to a beach ball in many ways.

For one thing, the Aqua Sounders are waterproof, so they can float in your pool or hottub. The dock for the iPod on the left is a transmitter so the sound is beamed directly to the speaker. By the way, the transmitter works with most audio sources and is capable of supporting up to ten speakers.

The range of these speakers from the iPod transmitter is a very long at 150 feet. As for the power, Aqua Sounders run off batteries that are sold separately, and are good enough for 6 hours of playing time.

In addition to the floating feature, it has two ultra bright LED mood lights on each side. I suppose that if this speaker is going to be floating in your hottub, bathtub, or pool, it might as well look pretty. I’m betting the sound is good, since I have heard that sound travels better when it is on water.

You should be able to get the Aqua Sounders from the Grace Digital Audio site for about $149.99.


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