Aqua Phone Case

If you are that busy and need to answer your phone even when you participate in watersports or go swimming, then you would wish that some engineer out there actually managed to discover a way to mechanize fish’s gills and incorporate it into the smartphone – but until then, you will need to be happy with the £19.99 Aqua Phone Case. This is a form-fitting waterproof case that will ensure not a drop of water will seep inside to harm your smartphone in any way.
Water is not the only ‘enemy’ that the Aqua Phone Case will prevent from getting into your smartphone’s pants, er, case, as it also provides protection against sand, dust and snow. With a touch-sensitive skin, you can be sure that your touchscreen display will still work, meaning you can play Angry Birds when you go scuba diving the next time around. Perfect for amateur underwater photographers or videographers, don’t you think so?